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PRIDE is a self-funded enterprise whose mission makes a positive difference in Florida. We make communities safer and save taxpayers money by training eligible inmates in vocational skills and transitioning them into the job market upon completion of their sentences. This job-centered approach lowers the number of repeat offenders and reduces criminal justice costs for all citizens. Customers invest in Florida when they purchase PRIDE products and services by starting the training-to-job cycle. PRIDE is not run for a profit; instead we combine enterprise with social mission to create a positive impact on communities, people, and customers.

For over 30 years PRIDE has helped keep Florida communities safe by significantly reducing recidivism rates of ex-offenders. Inmates receive real world skills through over 35 job training programs in 20 state facilities offering hundreds of certifications that prepare them for re-entry into communities as productive citizens. Inmates that participate in PRIDE training programs are three times less likely to commit a new offense upon release from a correctional institution than non-participants.

PRIDE is the only private program of its type in the US and operates as a not-for-profit corporation, with board oversight, to fulfill four missions defined by Florida statute. PRIDE is funded exclusively through the net proceeds from sales of products and services manufactured by PRIDE inmate training programs. PRIDE serves as a model example of the privatization of government functions and reduces the cost of state government for Florida's taxpayers by millions of dollars every year.

As PRIDE enters a new decade, we continue to centralize our focus on embracing new technology as directed by our Strategic Plan. Significant financial resources are being invested in state-of- the- art computers/servers, upgraded infra-structure hardware/software systems, and cybersecurity detection and monitoring software. Installation of sophisticated firewalls that block access to our network and a rigorous cybersecurity framework will ensure that our company and customers’ digital processing will be processed efficiently and securely.

Our IT professionals, with the assistance of highly qualified IT consultants are developing not only advanced security systems, but a new platform for both our website and e-commerce portal. Our unified web experience will provide customers with an experience that provides product information, an automated shopping cart, and will be linked directly with PRIDE’s re-designed website. We are also rebuilding our entire infrastructure from a “greenfield” base. No system that operated on our legacy servers or workstations will be used.

These investments will not only allow us to meet the future needs of our customers but will enhance our ability to offer meaningful vocational and job training work programs to our inmate workforce. As we progress through the next year, we will also explore opportunities to upgrade our ERP system and provide a customer relationship management solution that will benefit both our organization and our customers.

We urge you to contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions regarding the ordering process or any concern about a specific order. Thank you for your patience during our rebuilding phase and for your support of the PRIDE mission.
Corporate Office
223 Morrison Rd.
Brandon, FL 33511

Toll-Free: 800-643-8459
Customer Service Center
568 Northeast 255th Street
Cross City, FL 32628

Toll-Free: 877-283-6819 or 866-528-2175
Email: customerservice@pride-enterprises.org
If you wish to place an order please contact our customer service department using the number below.
Thank you for choosing PRIDE.
Customer Service Center
568 Northeast 255th Street
Cross City, FL 32628

Toll-Free: 877-283-6819 or 866-528-2175
Email: customerservice@pride-enterprises.org
Available Products by Industry
Industry Product Group Current Lead-Time
Furniture and Seating
  Reupholstery 6-10 weeks
  Office and Institutional Seating 2-6 weeks
  Other Seating 4-8 Weeks
  Butcher Block Tables 3-6 Weeks
  Alpha Desking 4-6 Weeks
  Omega Desking 6-8 Weeks
  Style Links 8-10 Weeks
Metal Products
  Grills, Fire Rings, Bike Racks 4-6 Weeks
  Beds 4-6 Weeks
  Lockers 6-8 Weeks
  Spiral Stairs 4-6 Weeks
  Complete Dentures As Quoted
  Cast Metal RPD As Quoted
  Acrylic RPD As Quoted
  Flexible RPD As Quoted
  Acrylic Repairs As Quoted
  Orthodontics As Quoted
  E-Max Crowns As Quoted
  Metal Crowns As Quoted
  Complete Eyeglasses 3 Days
  Surface Only (Lenses) 2 Days
Retread Tire
  Retreads 1 Week
  Cap and Casings 1 Week
Heavy Vehicle Renovation
  Renovations As Quoted
  Paint/Body As Quoted
  Fabrication As Quoted
  Conventional Print 3 Week Minimum
  Planners As Quoted
  Mailings As Quoted
  Envelopes 10 Days
  Labels 10-15 Days
  Forms 10-15 Days
Sewn Products
  Uniforms As Quoted
  Jail Sets As Quoted
  Hats As Quoted
  Boots As Quoted
  Mattresses As Quoted
  Embroidery 3-4 Weeks
  Screen Print With In-House Art
Food Ground Meats 2 Weeks
Box All Boxes 2-3 Weeks
License Plates All 1 Week
Paint All Traffic Paints 2 Days
SM&S All Products 8-10 Weeks
Lumber All Products* 2 Weeks
* Exception: Some Park Furniture
Board of Directors Meeting
Scheduled for February 20, 2020 9:00am EST
Sirata Beach Resort, St. Pete Beach, FL
Contact: President's Office c/o Dee Kiminki, Assistant Secretary
E-mail: dkiminki@pride-enterprises.org
Telephone: 813-324-8733  
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